Temper City

Address: 30 Throgmorton St, 2 Angel Court, London EC2R 7HJ
Bookings: Curry, quiz and fizz booked through design my night.
Day: Saturday
Meal: Brunch – £39 bottomless prosecco for 2 hours, 3 courses and a quiz
Price: £
Rating: 6/10

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 19.54.14

Saturday lunchtime found my partner in culinary crime (PICC) and I sat in the City outlet of the open-pit BBQ restaurant Temper. We were there to eat curry, drink ludicrous quantities of prosecco, and partake in a 1980s themed quiz.

Half an hour earlier, we had also been in Temper’s Soho branch, having been somewhat misdirected by my PICC’s socially challenged sister. Discovering the error, and desperate to arrive before the 2pm bell rang on the start of the quiz and the first prosecco cork was popped, we leapt onto the Central Line and dashed to Bank Station, from where we ran the rest of the way as fast as my PICC’s heels permitted.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 19.53.40The quiz had a solid turnout. I would guess about 20 teams gathered to take part, and our collective appetites were whetted by the announcement of various prizes, including gin tasting and an all-expenses paid dinner at the restaurant itself.

I have to say at this point that the quiz and the liberally distributed prosecco (eventually the waitress stopped bothering to walk round and top us up, instead just dumping a full bottle on our table), were the highlights of the afternoon, the food itself being a little disappointing.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 19.53.54

The selection of starters, consisting of mutton rolls, crab bites and squid and samphire pakora, were nice enough. As on so many previous occasions, I benefited from the fact that my PICC has taste-buds that flee in terror at the slightest sign of spice, and so I was able to hoover up most of her plate as she cooled her singed tongue in a glass of prosecco.

We had three options for a main course: chicken curry, fish head curry, and a katsu egg curry. Between us, we ticked off each of these, and no one was particularly complimentary about what they ate. One of our number had to send back his fish head curry because it was colder than Siberia, whilst my chicken curry had cubes of chicken so pale and so perfect in their geometry that it was hard to believe they hadn’t been processed on an assembly-line far away from any BBQ pit.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 19.53.25This is a shame, because I have heard people of good standing raving about Temper and its full-blooded cooking, and I am sure they are entirely correct, but that was not what was brought out for the afternoon quiz.

Speaking of the quiz, we put up a valiant effort, given that none of us was particularly sentient in the 1980s, and some of us weren’t even born then. We finished bang in the middle of the pack, and staggered out prize-less, but with our heads held high. We went in the direction of The Ned, where more prosecco was drunk, which was anything but free, but that’s another story. If anyone knows of a 90s quiz, drop us a line. Until then, Beat It.

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